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Extrakt (self-released July 2018)

Summer Storm (self-released August 2017)

ErrorTape (self-released 2016)

ErrorTape was an error. I was digitising the original 45 minute Thearlyears Drey Grade tape using an ION Tape Express Tape to MP3 converter and had to go out before it had finished. When I got home it had transferred the tape successfully but the tape had somehow started playing from the start again and had gone into a loop, but also was very slowly creeping forward so each loop was slightly different from the previous one. The recording is exactly how it was converted, no edits or effects have been used. It’s about 9 minutes long but the length of the original sound source is maybe 30 seconds or less. The original sound recording is me at an auto recording booth.

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Released December 24 2016

#septemberproject (self-released - 2015)

Field recordings recorded on a Nexus tablet and uploaded daily throughout September, plus a photograph of the location.

Self released (30 September 2015) under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0).
Inspired in part by the samples series of uploads at Soundcloud by The Implicit Order
You are free to share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format.
Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.

Rubha Hunish Reimagining (Mermaids and Seals) (Self-release for World Listening Day 18 July 2015)

Summer Rewilding (Released on Pilot Eleven Netlabel - 14 July 2015)

Soundscapes, field recordings, net labels, web design, textures, film, short wave radio, genetic algorithm generated computer sound and occasional songs.

Clear EP (Fete 12 - 2011)

Clear cover

Clear (released 1 August 2011).
Free download from the Drey Grade bandcamp site.

  1. CloudWindmill
  2. Underground Vicky Centre
  3. Clear (Recorded at abandoned village of Erisco on Skye)
  4. Clear (Recorded at abandoned village of Erisco on Skye)

Destroy All Tapes EP (Fete 11 - 2011)

Destroy all tapes cover

Destroy All Tapes EP consists of 3 (released 23 May 2011).
Available for free download from the Drey Grade bandcamp site.
Remixes of previous Drey Grade tracks - hazy memory mixes.

  1. DAT 1 (Sexual Prowess memory mix)
  2. DAT 2 (Abstract Sponge 3 memory mix)
  3. DAT 3 (Seven Times memory mix)

Sineoise (Fete 09 - 2009)

1. Sineoise (10.14) Live at 'Stuck On A Name' Studios Nottingham - 14/09/09
2. Sineoise (7.48) Live at 'The New Inn' Littlehampton - 27/09/09

CD released December 2009

Step On It (Track on FIELD NOTES compilation from Earth Monkey Productions - 2009)

Field notes vol 1 cover Field notes vol 2 cover

Earth Monkey Productions -

"We are very proud to present to you our new compilation album Field Notes, featuring some exeptional sound artists from accross the globe. All the artists were asked to submit work that incorporated field recordings and we have 24 of the best for you for free download."

Download free at Internet Archive. Released 18 August 2009.

Obscures Cake/Abstract Sponge + (Fete 08 - 2009)

Drey Grade cake and sponge front cover Drey Grade cake and sponge back cover

Obscures Cake 1-2 , Obscures Cake 3-5, Abstract Sponge 1-4, MkUltra, The Curfew Clampdown, Cities and Villages, Zootopia 1, Six, Dreams of Escaping, Zootopia 2, Continuum.

Recorded originally in 1983-84 - this CD version August 2009

Redoubt (Fete 07 - 6 CD Bag Set 1982 - 2007)

Drey Grade Redoubt cover for CD 1 Mask Drey Grade Redoubt cover for CD 2 Obscures Cake/Abstract Sponge Drey Grade - Redoubt cover for CD 3 Hate Drey Grade - Redoubt cover for CD 4 Live
Drey Grade - Redoubt cover for CD 5 TV Mini-Series Drey Grade Redoubt CD listing Drey Grade - Redoubt - Official guide to Canterbury CD cover

The Redoubt Bag Set is a collection of 6 CD's that includes nearly everything recorded by Drey Grade up to 2007. Includes a collage and a nice smelling bag.

Drey Grade - tracklisting for Redoubt that comes with the CD's

The Official Guide to Canterbury (Fete 06 - 2007)

CD available at CD Baby

Cassette Walkman recordings of passers by, vocal sketches, and ambient settings made during walks of the historic cobbled streets of Canterbury and nearby locations. These recordings were then treated and layered, used as vocal lines and sounds and finally merged with electronic rhythms, sequences and other found samples.

Originally released in 2004, this version has been re-mastered, re-ordered and given a new cover, for inclusion in the 6 CD Box/Bag set ‘Redoubt'.

Spit Freak/Come Out, Canterbury bRighton, TV Mini Series 2, Lie in the Sun, Cathedral, Feeling Groove Right, Query Eyes Again, Crypt Freak, Further Down, TV Mini Series 3, Dead Moose from 10, My Luck is far worse 2, Like Billy Piper, Azteca, Day to Dayness, Kent Field Afternoon Summer Year 2000.

The Official Guide to Canterbury (Fete 04 - 2004)

Replaced by the remastered Redoubt Version

Drey Grade Canterbury CD cover

TV Mini-Series (Fete 03 - 2002)

mini CD single. October 2002. £2.00

DREY GRADE tv mini series. mini CD. Fete Recordings 3

TV Mini-Series, Guysers, Return to the NcEaSvTe, Bonanza Deep Orange

Seven Times (Fete 01 - 1999)

CD album. July 1999. sold out

Remastered compilation of earlier cassette releases

7 times cover

Obscures Cake/Abstract Sponge + (Black Nest Tapes BN08 - 1984)

cake sponge cover

Obscures Cake 1-5, Abstract Sponge 1-4, MkUltra, The Curfew Clampdown, Six, Dreams of Escaping, Cities and Villages, Zootopia 1, Continuum, Zootopia 2.

Without Hate (Black Nest Tapes BN04 - 1984)

without hate cover

Hammer, Reality Censor, South Pole (live), Scarred for Life, Leisure, Without Hate, Final Leisure

Drop the Mask and Smile (Black Nest Tapes BN02 - 1983)

mask front cover

They Worship a Killer, An Empty Shell, Cracked Upon the Heart, Spark a Change, Corruption, Drop the Mask, Seven Times, Banks and Dogs, Sexual Prowess

Thearlyears (compilation of ideas from early early pick 'n' mix box of tapes - 1982)

Collected sounds from various locations and instruments and bounced from one portable tape recorder to another (an early attempt to layer sounds!). Also includes early releases Calypso Baby Attacked by Mice on 101 international Records Skin Talk LP, North Pole/Beirut from Gor Sa Har various artists cassette, A-D-E-M-O 82': 4 track cassette, Backdrop C and If you call 2 a group live backing tapes and Drey Grade 1 - the first cassette of prime tracks from the pick 'n' mix box.

thearlyears inside picture

Thearly Years, Omitting 2 and 3, The Dreyness in My Heart, Through the Handsets, North Pole (original), Extrovert +, A Stark Realisation, Hole, The Cricket Characters, Lord Grade, Prowl Attack (Parts 1 and 2), Dusk, Extrovert -, One, Two, Three, Ramona, Brave City Men, Rave on City Man, I want to take you to Wales, Charity, 10 out of 10, Always Fog in Bonn, Identity, I've bin there, Lonely Walk Again, The Train Syndrome, Drill, Fred Trueman, 1.30, Lonely Strut, Love in the Vineyard, Calypso Baby Attacked by Mice, Repose Later, North Pole (unoriginal), Fear of Progress, Meshed Light, Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Drey Grade Discography

Live list

MP3 CD's

Drey Grade - early studio cassette tracks converted to MP3 CD

(everything except 'Thearlyears', 'Beirut', 'Final Leisure 1999 mix', 'TV mini-series' and 'Official Guide to Canterbury')

Abstract Sponge 1-4, An Empty Shell, Banks and Dogs, Cities and Villages, Continuum, Corruption,Cracked upon the heart, Dreams of Escaping, Drop the Mask, Final Leisure, Hammer, Leisure, MkUltra, Obscures Cake 1-2, Obscures Cake 3-5, Reality Censor, Scarred for Life, Seven Times, Sexual Prowess, Six, South Pole, Spark a Change, They Worship a Killer, The Curfew Clampdown, Without Hate, Zootopia 1, Zootopia 2.

Drey Grade - early live tracks converted to MP3 CD

Abstract Sponge 1-4(Zootopia Jan 1985), Beirut(bedroom tape), Compassion(Chichester New park Community Centre 1985), Hammer(Carioca, Worthing, now a Co-op), Hammer(Chichester New park Community Centre 1985 March), Hammer(Chichester New park Community Centre 1985 May), Matter - 6 cheap jokes(Rustington Village Hall Oct 27 1983), Mr. Jameson(Chichester New park Community Centre 1985), Obscures Cake 1-2(Zootopia Jan 1985), Obscures Cake 3-5(Zootopia Jan 1985), South Pole(Rustington Village Hall Oct 27 1983), TOT - Mind Aches(Rustington Village Hall Oct 27 1983), Victor Jara(Escape Club, Brighton, supporting Strawberry Switchblade Nov 5 1983), Victor Jara(Rustington Village Hall Oct 27 1983), Without Hate(Chichester New park Community Centre 1985).

Drey Grade - reviews of early demo cassettes

Drey Grade - escape club gig advert poster

Drey Grade - escape club gig advert poster

Drey Grade - NME nuclear article

Drey Grade - letter from arun district council

Drey Grade - electronic dream plant adverts Drey Grade - original dr rhythm drum machine

Drey Grade - list of all releases part of collage that came with the CD's

DIY 80's Cassette Culture

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