RELEASED by the Pilot Eleven net label in January 2012. 5 tracks chosen from the 3 EPs.

Original 3 EPs - FIELD SET (aka Graeme Gill)

  1. Underground Car Park Rain In Town Attic Rain - Air con system in underground car park at Victoria Shopping Centre Nottingham - followed by torrential downpour in town leaving shops - followed by rain on attic skylight window in Sneinton mixed with rain on attic skylight on Isle of Skye.
  2. Railings At Kilt Rock - Wind blowing through hollow metal railings at Kilt Rock viewing point on Isle of Skye. Featured at SOUNDkitchen's HOME and METAL installations at Supersonic Festival Birmingham UK in October 2011.

  1. Sneinton power cut - the sound of house burglar alarms during a power cut.
  2. Crickets and traffic on Ashdown Forest.
  3. Waterfall at Newstead Abbey.

  1. Recorded at Newstead Abbey Nottinghamshire.
  2. Rufford Park Nottinghamshire.
  3. Recorded at Isle of Skye.