G.A.G Releases

G.A.G - Frolics (2000)

Frolics consists of 1 and 2 (available on the CD on the shop page) and 3 and 4 to listen to here. Frolics was originally inspired by a 16mm film called Aqua Frolics featuring an underwater banquet. Sections of sequenced white noise is the foundation for Frolics.
An early 80 second excerpt was released as 'Scuba' on a compilation CD 'Network: Volume 2, 54 Miniatures' on the Discus label of Sheffield. Equipment - Oscar synth, Akai SO1 sampler, and an Amiga 500+ and Music X sequencing.

frolics cover frolics cover
Network Vol2 cover scuba cover

Sections of sequenced white noise is the foundation for Frolics 1 to 4.

Apart from the nostalgic value of this I seem not to understand the idea behind it - so it's not for me. Maybe I was expecting too much. I give two stars, even if this equals my artistic understanding.


Fairly cute summertime short extoling relaxing in the water, whether it be just wading in the water or water skiing, surfing or cliff diving. There's LOTS of things you can do in water, mm hmm! Even have a turky dinner underwater. Why? Well, they didn't explain it to you in the film, and I'm certainly not going to tell you now.,.