The Daniel Grade - The Daniel Grade (2007)

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The Daniel Grade were a British indie/pop/rock band from the late 80s/early 90s. They emerged from the post-punk industrial scene in 1985 as an offshoot of Drey Grade. Their sound developed from synth and early sample based songs and experiments into songs underpinned with chord heavy piano and synths, distorted guitar, bass and drums.

They played regular shows in Brighton and London, headlining and supporting such bands as The Cranberries, The Boo Radleys, New FastAutomatic Daffodils, 5.30, and Intastella.

A 12" vinyl EP Pest was released on Train Of Thought records in 1991, distributed through Backs Records of Norwich, Rough Trade, and Pinnacle.

A retrospective CD was released on Fete Recordings in 2007 including the 3 songs from the Pest EP and 4 previously unreleased songs.

Crush video

Crush by The Daniel Grade recorded on 8mm camera in 1991 featuring a dreamachine. The dreamachine (or dream machine) is a stroboscopic flicker device that produces visual stimuli. Artist Brion Gysin and William Burroughs's "systems adviser" Ian Sommerville created the dreamachine after reading William Grey Walter's book, The Living Brain.

Pest EP 12" (Train of Thought Records 1991)

12" vinyl EP 1992. £6

Pest front cover Pest back cover

Complete list of recordings

  • 2007 - The Daniel Grade CD (Fete Recordings 05).
  • 2007 - Studio and Live (MP3 CD) 1990-1992 (no label).
  • 2007 - Studio (MP3 CD) 1985-1989 (no label).
  • 2007 - Live (MP3 CD) 1985-1989 (no label).
  • 1992 - Unnatural History Repeats Itself (with Drey Grade)(C45 Cassette)(Black Nest Tapes BN14).
  • 1992 - Severance EP - (5 track Cassette)(Black Nest Tapes BN13).
  • 1991 - Pest (3 track 12" Vinyl EP)(Train of Thought Records TOT1)
  • 1990 - A Place to L.I.V.E Volumes 1, 2, and 3 (3 C90 Cassettes) 1985,1985,and 1987-90 (Black Nest Tapes BN09)
  • 1989 - Pure (10 track Cassette)(Black Nest Tapes BN12).
  • 1989 - The Last April (live improvisation + Drey Grade - Obscures Cake/Abstract Sponge +)(Cassette)(Black Nest Tapes BN11).
  • 1986 - Handouts (7 track Cassette)(Black Nest Tapes BN10).


Drey Grade/The Daniel Grade - Unnatural History Repeats Itself (compilation with Drey Grade)(BN14 - 1992)

Unnatural history cover

The Daniel Grade - Severance EP (BN13 - 1992)

severance ep cover
severance tape

The Daniel Grade - Pure (BN12 - 1989)

pure cover

The Daniel Grade - The Last April ('live' at Thieves, Worthing, April 24 1989) (BN11 - 1989)

'Including' was the original name for Obscures Cake/Abstract Sponge + by the way!

cake sponge cover

The Daniel Grade - A Place to L.I.V.E Vol. 3 (BN09 - 1987-1989)

A place to live vol 3 cover

Cracked (Smugglers Rustington), Primitive (*), New York head, Hangin' on the telephone (Thieves Worthing), I was talking then (*), Hydra, Stateline, Jumpin' Jack flash (Thieves Worthing), Stoney ground 1(The Stonecatcher) (*), Frozen years, Reward, Echo beach, Target (*), Get back, We all live in Pensylvainia (Smugglers, Rustington), Incentive, Burn, Stoney ground 2(The Stonecatcher) (*), Unforgettable (*), Work patrol, Scatter the flower, Ernie, Old as thunder (Thieves Worthing), Don't go breaking my heart (Thieves Worthing), It's all too much (Dance Industry Littlehampton), See (The trilogy song -A place to L.I.V.E) - rest at ease.(*).
* = Basement studios - South Terrace, Littlehampton.

1986 : The Daniel Grade - Handouts (BN11) (completed July 1986)

handouts cover

The Daniel Grade - A Place to L.I.V.E Vol. 2 (BN09 - 1985-1986)

A place to live vol 2 cover

One Meal a Day (*), Hydra (Worthing Carioca - March 20th 1985), Hammer (Worthing Carioca - March 20th 1985), Four (*), Chain (*), Michael Smith (*), Track (*), Before you stretch (*), Five (*), White snow (*), One night (*), Job like this (*), Quiet Egypt (Windmill Littlehampton - Dec 12th 1985), Stateline (Windmill Littlehampton - Dec 12th 1985), Outro (Windmill, L'ton - Dec 12th 1985).
* = Basement studios - South Terrace, Littlehampton.

The Daniel Grade - A Place to L.I.V.E Vol. 1 (BN09 - 1985)

A place to live vol 1 cover

Obscures Cake 1-5, Abstract Sponge 1-4 (Zootopia January 5th 1985), Mr. Jameson (Chichester New Park - March 2nd 1985), Compassion (Chichester New Park - March 2nd 1985), Without Hate (Chichester New Park - March 2nd 1985), Hammer (Chichester New Park - March 2nd 1985), Stateline (Littlehampton School - April 25th 1985), White Flag Blues (L'ton Windmill Theatre - Aug 11 1985), New York Head (L'ton Windmill Theatre - Aug 11 1985), Cry in shame (L'ton Windmill Theatre - Aug 11 1985), Untitled (L'ton Windmill Theatre - Aug 11 1985), Incentive (L'ton Windmill Theatre - Aug 11 1985), Hammer (Chichester New Park - May 25th 1985)

Gallery - more on the The Daniel Grade MySpace site

Littlehampton live aid mishe mashed drawing of band

The Daniel Grade live at the Zap club

Great review

New Fads poster fieldmice poster

Live gigs - what can be gathered anyway from crumpled up found lists


The Daniel Grade - tracks converted to MP3 CD - 1990-1992

Crush (from Pest EP 12"), Crush (demo version), Crush (live), Deep (from 'Severance' demo), Deep (live), Lobs Wood (live), Melt (from Pest EP 12"), Melt (demo version), Melt (live), Pure (live), Severance (from 'Severance' demo tape EP), Suntrap (from Pest EP 12"), Suntrap (live), Too much make up (from 'Severance' demo tape EP), Urge (live), Win (from 'Severance' demo tape)

'live' tracks Zap Club, Brighton, UK.

The Daniel Grade - other studio tracks converted to MP3 CD - 1985-1989

Black and white (from 'pure'), Burn (from 'granny's studio demo), Cry in shame (from 'handouts'), Grock (from 'pure'), Hydra (from 'peppermint' sessions), Incentive (from 'handouts'), Lobs Wood Intro (from 'pure'), Lobs Wood (from 'pure'), New York head (from 'granny's studio demo), New York head (from 'handouts'), Old as thunder (from 'peppermint' sessions), Pure (from 'pure'), Scatter the flower (from 'granny's demo), Scatter the flower (from 'pure' demo), Slide (from 'pure' demo), Slide (from 'peppermint' sessions), South Pole (from 'pure'), Stateline (from 'handouts'), The Cornwall song - (from 'peppermint' sessions), The girl is dead (from 'pure'), White flag blues (from 'handouts'), Wonderful falling life - (from 'pure')

The Daniel Grade - 'live' tracks converted to MP3 CD - 1985-1989

April aftermath - th, Before you stretch - b, Burn - sm, Chain - b, Cracked - sm, Cry in shame - wm, Cry in shame - sm, Don't go - th, Echo beach - th, Five - b, Four - b, Frozen years - m, Get back - th, Hangin' on - th, Hydra - ?, Hydra - sm, Incentive - sm, Incentive - th, It's all too much - di, I was talking then- b, Job like this - b, Jumpin' - th, Last song break - th, Michael Smith - b, Mr. Jameson - sm, New York head - wm, New York head - sm, Old as thunder - th, One meal a day - b, One night - b, Outro - wm, Primitive - b, Quiet Egypt - wm, Reward - sm, Reward - th, See (the trilogy song) - b, South Pole - sm, Stateline - wm, Stateline - ls, Stateline - sm, Stateline - th, Stonecatcher - b, The last April - th, Track - b , Two poles - sm, We all live in Pensylvania- th, White flag blues - wm, White flag blues - sm, White snow - b, Work patrol - th>

b = Basement - South Terrace, Littlehampton, UK,
th = Thieves Kitchen, Worthing, UK
sm = Smugglers Roost, Rustington, UK
wm = Windmil Theatre, Littlehampton, UK
di = Dance Industry, Littlehampton, UK
ls = Littlehampton School, LA, UK
m = Melons, Brighton